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“Some of the homes that are selling for a million dollars, they were listed right around 800 to $850,000; they are getting bid up to a million to a $1.2 million,” said broker Kirk Russell, with the realty firm John L. Scott.”

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The Wall Street Journal

"The Short Sale Alternative" (10/13/2010)

Kirk was quoted as an expert:

" Because there are any number of factors that can influence the timeline, "knowing the dynamics of the situation is key," says Kirk Russell, a broker with John L. Scott in Seattle."

Seattle Met

"The Shorter Short Sale" (9/16/2010)

Kirk was quoted as an expert:

"As John L. Scott broker Kirk Russell points out, though, “knowing the details of the first offer could be a key factor in deciding to make a backup offer.”

The Seattle Times

"Short sales: What to expect" (6/7/2009)

 "No. 1 is decline in value," said Kirk Russell, an agent with John L. Scott Real Estate's Seattle Center office. 

Russell is quick to point out that short sales, which often end up in foreclosure, occur at all income levels.

"I've worked with doctors who are in foreclosure because everyone across the board was stretching their income," he said. "I represent quite a few real-estate agents who are in foreclosure or short sales themselves."

Kirk Russell Of The Russell Real Estate Group John L. Scott

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